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The 20th Asian summit was successfully held in Shanghai yesterday. The 20th fastmarkets risi Asian Conference was held in Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai yesterday. More than 200 industry insiders gathered to listen to a number of special reports. The interaction between the participants at the meeting site was frequent and the atmosphere was lively

as usual, the morning of the first day of the meeting was the award ceremony of "fastmarkets risi Asia CEO of the year award" which attracted the attention of industry peers; This year, the award was awarded to yayijin, President of Prince holding group, in recognition of his leadership and strategic planning ability in leading enterprises to achieve globalization, diversification and domestic business centralization

then began the wonderful keynote speech of the conference. Yanjin, President of Prince holding group, shared his views on the global pulp and paper market trend and the business strategy and successful experience of Prince Group with the participants

this CEO Forum was presided over by Li Wei, general manager of fastmarkets risi China. The guests included song Wangqiu, President of Fenlin Group Asia, sun Xiaomin, director and vice president of Shanying International Holdings Co., Ltd., Liu Mingming, special assistant to the president of golden light paper (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Zhang Qiang, general manager of China paper Investment Co., Ltd. The guests discussed the growth strategy of Chinese paper enterprises in the context of the new economy, and shared the measures taken by enterprises to achieve growth, as well as overseas investment experience and innovation practice

the next interactive forum, hosted by fastmarkets risi, PPI asianick Chang, was attended by Steve Kim, managing director of overseas sales of Moorim paper, Yan Shaohua, general manager of April, and UPM UPM UPM Ma Yuanyuan, who expressed their views on the prospects of pulp and paper production

fas Market Forecast: Lasse sinikallas, director of macroeconomics at tmarkets risi in 2018, gave us a wonderful speech on 2019 macroeconomic outlook. He analyzed and predicted the economic situation and possible risks of the United States, Europe and China in the coming year

in the next two days of the conference, more than 20 speakers (including fastmarkets risi speakers) will speak on the stage one after another. The topics presented by them this year will comprehensively run through current trends and market hotspots, Part of the content includes:

paper and plastic: overview of the environment and sustainable development benefits of modern packaging

market supply and demand analysis of raw materials (wood chips, pulp, recycled paper)

buyer Symposium: consumption and procurement needs

Packaging Innovation - impact on enterprises and the paperboard Market

all kinds of paper (packaging paper, culture, but refers to cardboard and household paper used by hengsi Shanda Jinan experimental machine for experiments) Consumption trends and emerging markets complete the corresponding workplace (India) analysis

asset quality and cost competitiveness analysis of global pulp mills

this conference is hosted by Bowen Ruisi business consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (fastmarkets risi). Thank the sponsors of the conference, n, FM global, Kaden, for their support of rising prices

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