The 2019 strategic plan of the furniture paint bus

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The 2019 strategic plan meeting of zhanchen group's furniture paint business was successfully held

the 2019 strategic plan meeting of zhanchen group's furniture paint business was successfully held

February 22, 2019

2 exports to developed countries are mainly medium and low-end. From February 17 to 20, 019, the 2019 growth and strategic plan meeting of the group's furniture paint business with the theme of "anticipating challenges" was grandly held in Jixian Hotel, Hunan University, a millennium University. Nearly 40 people, including Chen Bing, chairman of the group, Sun Jinping, President of the group, Huang shaoche, general manager of Jiaying service center, and representatives of functional departments of Jiaying service center, business/service departments of branches, brand department and product management department of the president's office, and sales department of Vietnam company, attended the meeting with the increasingly tight supply of coal at the beginning of the year

In his speech at the meeting, chairman Chen Bing shared the grand strategy of zhanchen's future development. The chairman pointed out that zhanchen must seize the opportunity of historical development, base itself on China, work hard, accelerate development, and become the world's first brand of furniture paint, Chinese paint as soon as possible

seeing is far away -- witness system

president Sun Jinping emphasized at the meeting that in 2018, we will race against time, and in 2019, we will carry out growth to the end. Starting from the system precipitation of zhanchen for more than 20 years, President sun deeply analyzed the unique advantages and potential of zhanchen system, and pointed out that in 2019, zhanchen will continue to stimulate the vitality of front-line organizations, strengthen authorization and incentives, and ensure higher growth. President sun warned everyone: in the new round of development of zhanchen, everyone should become a hero, not only to work hard, but also to shine

pick is strong - pick the target bravely

Huang shaoche, general manager of Jiaying center, shared the 2019 growth strategy and plan at the meeting, and made a detailed deployment of the work in 2019

jiayingman users have a state of mind that they can't do without a PC. the range also shows the same meaning, but Mr. Huang shaoche, general manager of the full range center, which is commonly used to show the extension of performance, summarized the work of the whole group's furniture paint business in 2018, made important arrangements for the work in 2019, made clear comments on the sales development of each branch, and clearly pointed out the next main growth direction and strategy, And put forward specific requirements and suggestions for the next work of the functional departments of the center and the business departments of the branches. Mr. Huang pointed out that reviewing the performance in 2018, zhanchen continued to lead the industry and further widened the gap with competitors. In 2019, zhanchen had the strength to achieve more rapid development. President Huang stressed that everyone should establish a solid sense of goals, have strong confidence and belief to accept challenges, and complete the goals of the first quarter with high standards to ensure the success of the first battle

brave fighters - at the decisive battle 19

meeting, the heads of the business, technical services and functional departments of the center made reports on the growth strategies and plans for 2019 respectively. Through the mutual comment link between the superior and the parallel, on the one hand, everyone learned each other's advantages and found their own shortcomings; On the other hand, it further clarified its specific goals, action plans and ideas and methods of work

after the report and sharing of all teams, the participants were more clearly aware that, on the one hand, we have withstood the pressure of all aspects of the market and continued to achieve high-speed growth, on the other hand, we will face new development pressures and performance growth challenges. 2019 is our decisive year. We should not only have courage, confidence and faith, but also pay attention to strategies and methods in order to truly carry out growth to the end

in order to commend the outstanding teams on the road of high-speed development, this meeting also selected three comprehensive awards for business and technical services, a total of nine award-winning groups

"only Chu has talent, and Yu Si is prosperous". After the meeting, all participants not only visited Yuelu Academy, understood the scholarly spirit and noble morality of ancient saints and sages, but also climbed Yuelu Mountain and felt the struggle stories of modern revolutionary pioneers and heroes

in this era of rapid development and change, zhanchen will seize the opportunity and carry out the growth to the end. Zhanchen people will also make contributions and strive to be heroes. Let's anticipate the magnificent challenges and meet the bright future together

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