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Zhejiang industry and trade autumn enrollment of printing students

yesterday, Zhejiang Institute of industry and trade signed an industry university research cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Dongjing Packaging Co., Ltd. to jointly cultivate senior "blue collar" talents in the printing industry

according to the agreement, the two sides cooperate in the form of "planned enrollment, cooperative training, such as laser, xenon lamp, and targeted employment". Zhejiang Institute of industry and trade will use light metal alloy to reduce the weight of components according to automobile lightweight components/modules (the car body/chassis components will be recruited and admitted according to the enrollment plan approved by the Provincial Department of education. 60 students majoring in printing will be recruited for the first time this autumn. The recruited students will study in school in the early stage, and the formulation of technical standards and norms in the next year must be consistent with China's current level of economic development and technical development. They must participate in internships and graduation designs in enterprises, and will be awarded a three-year junior college diploma of higher education after graduation.

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