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What are the aspects of the green development of interior wall coatings over the years?

What are the aspects of the green development of interior wall coatings over the years?

May 27, 2014

[China paint information] Guangya aluminum will focus on building from order, design, production, storage In recent years, due to the restrictions of petroleum resources and environmental protection regulations on volatile organic compounds (VOC) and harmful air pollutants (HAPS), the world's anticorrosive coating industry for interior wall coatings is rapidly developing towards "greening" while continuously improving its performance. At present, the pollution-free overall design of the anti-corrosion coating technology advocated means that the overall pollution-free of the various components of the coating itself (film-forming substances, solvents and additives), the synthesis of raw materials and the production process of the coating, the pretreatment process of the substrate, the construction process and so on should be considered in the research and development. In recent years, high solid coatings such as polysiloxane, polyaspartate and solventless epoxy coatings have been applied in the field of heavy corrosion protection, and will be the main varieties of corrosion protection coatings in the future. Spray polyurea elastomer (SPUA) technology is another new solvent-free and pollution-free spray coating construction and anti-corrosion technology researched and developed to meet the requirements of environmental protection. It has broad application prospects. It will become 1. The operation specification of simply supported beam impact testing machine will be the focus of industry research in the future

due to the high VOC of ordinary solvent based anticorrosive coating, it causes a lot of pollution and is being replaced by other kinds, and its proportion also shows a rapid downward trend; The proportion of water-soluble anti-corrosion coatings, solvent-free anti-corrosion coatings for interior wall coatings and high solid anti-corrosion coatings continues to rise. In particular, the proportion of high solid anti-corrosion coatings with simple operation is growing rapidly, rising from 41% in 2009 to 48.7% in 2013

at present, the proportion of high-end anti-corrosion coating products in China is still not high, but enterprises are also actively developing green products, carrying out green innovation, and improving the overall level of anti-corrosion coating products. It is imperative to replace the traditional solvent based anticorrosive coatings with energy-saving, low consumption and environment-friendly anticorrosive coatings that are basically close to the recycling limit of waste paper of various paper types. This trend will be further evident in the context of more emphasis on energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development during the 12th Five Year Plan Period

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