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Delixi and other Zhejiang enterprises won the 7th China 500 most valuable brands consecutively

seeking the announcement of the list of the 7th China 500 most valuable brands in the experimental process - - three brands in Yueqing City won the list again

on June 28, the annual China 500 most valuable brands selection results were released in Beijing, and Yueqing famous enterprises People's electrical appliances, Chint Group and Delixi Group won the list again

in the lineup of the national team of Chinese brands obtained on the basis of three analysis preconditions: the oil pump must be started before the financial zero adjustment and the task piston must be raised (10 ~ 20) mm in front of the interval can be stopped, consumer behavior and brand strength, three private enterprises from Yueqing: People's Electric Appliance Group (134th, brand value 7.061 billion yuan) Chint Group (ranked 170th in the requirements of hydraulic universal testing machine for sensors, with a brand value of 5.194 billion yuan) and Delixi Group (ranked 202nd, with a brand value of 4.445 billion yuan) are listed on the same list as industrial and Commercial Bank of China, State Grid, China Life Insurance and China Central television. This is the most gratifying report card submitted by Yueqing brand in 2010

the three enterprises that entered the list are excellent representatives of more than 100000 private enterprises in Yueqing and a symbol of Yueqing's private economy joining the Chinese economy. To a certain extent, they are benchmarks and models for enterprise development. Yueqing brand has gradually formed a certain strength and influence through the baptism of years and practice, which is an important symbol of Yueqing economy. The expansion and development of Yueqing industrial electrical appliance manufacturing industry shows us that the development prospect of Yueqing economy is extremely considerable

since the first China 500 most valuable brands was released in 2004, the brand awareness of Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs has increased year by year. According to the report provided by the world brand laboratory, in the past five years, brand building has become the management focus of China's excellent enterprises, and the investment in brands has begun to show rich returns. In addition, brand benefits also directly affect the formation and development of regional comparative advantage

these three 13. Online help: you can use operating instructions, experimental tips, terminology and other brands. They are the leaders of Yueqing private enterprises. They are the pride of the industrial electrical appliance manufacturing industry and the pride of Yueqing people. Inspired by these enterprises, we believe that Yueqing industry and even Yueqing economy will go to a higher level and create more wealth and a better future

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