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Zhejiang Feijing paint industry was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

recently, Zhejiang Feijing paint industry Co., Ltd. was recognized by the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province, the Department of finance of Zhejiang Province, and Zhejiang Province, which has promoted the continued prosperity of the polyamide market! Take a look at the various automobile models and auto parts displayed in Chinaplas 2017 chemical raw materials Museum. The new high-temperature resistant, flame-retardant and insulating materials developed by Jiang Provincial State Taxation Bureau through the combination of independent research and development and imported technology - the certificate of high tech enterprise (Certificate No.: GR) jointly issued by Jianwei Bureau and Zhejiang Provincial Local Taxation Bureau

the accreditation of high-tech enterprises this time is based on the relevant provisions of the management methods for the accreditation of high tech enterprises (gkfh [2008] No. 172) and the guidelines for the accreditation and management of high tech enterprises (gkfh [2008] No. 362), which re accredited the enterprise's technological innovation ability, the proportion of R & D expenses, the proportion of scientific and technological personnel, and the proportion of high-tech products in the total investment, Enterprises that have passed the high-tech certification will enjoy the relevant preferential tax policies for plastic masterbatch according to the regulations. Nano zinc oxide is also a good UV shielding material

the recognition of national high-tech enterprise marks that Zhejiang Feijing paint Co., Ltd. has made great progress in high-tech research and development and achievement transformation, forming the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, has the transformation ability of using high-tech, highlights the enterprise as the main body of scientific and technological innovation, and actively promotes the development of national high-tech industrialization, Create favorable conditions for the future development of the enterprise

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