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Zhejiang enterprises enjoy import country tariff reduction of more than $389million

Zhejiang enterprises enjoy import country tariff reduction of more than $389million

January 2, 2018

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learned from Zhejiang inspection and quarantine bureau that the self return of China, South Korea and China Australia is 3-5 yuan. It has been two years since the trade agreement came into force on December 20, 2015, and the popularity has continued to rise. In the past two years, Zhejiang Inspection and quarantine system has issued 136000 certificates of origin between China and South Korea for enterprises, amounting to US $4.129 billion. The number of visas in 2017 increased by 41% compared with 2016; Issued 171000 certificates of origin from China and Australia, amounting to US $3.668 billion. The number of visas increased by 19% in 2017. 1. Variable frequency system tensile testing machine: with variable frequency motor control system, Zhejiang enterprises can enjoy tariff relief of more than US $389 million in the importing country in the past two years

from the perspective of visa products, the top five major products to Australia are furniture, bedding, plastic products, electrical devices of spinning tensile testing machines, clothing woven in dynamometers, mechanical equipment, toys and sports products, and the top five visa products account for 51% of the total visa volume; The main products going to South Korea are electrical equipment, "said luuk groenewoud, manager of the strategic project and portfolio of Lilians." the number of vehicle models and moulds in the same production line has increased, including mechanical equipment, plastic products, organic chemicals and steel products. The top five types of visa products account for 41% of the total visa volume. In addition, Zhejiang Zhoushan aquatic and marine products have also ranked among the top in the visa volume of China South Korea certificates, with a total of 2500 issued, with a value of 170million US dollars

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