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Instrument Perspective: don't let food safety become a moral problem

students are the future of the country and the hope of the nation. How to protect students' physical and mental health has been one of the issues that the country has always attached importance to. But recently, several problems related to food safety have hurt students and pierced their hearts. Recently, it was revealed that the staff of a university canteen in Hebei washed the dishes with their feet. Although the University responded afterwards that someone had maliciously stolen the number, it cannot be denied that it occurred in the canteen

in addition, some time ago, it was also exposed that boarding students in a school in Hebei Province were hospitalized after suffering from collective symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and fever. Afterwards, it was found that there were spoiled food in the canteen of the school and the hygiene of relevant cooking equipment was worrying

from the perspective of instruments, these problems are not inevitable, and should be avoided as much as possible. Obviously, behind food safety, there is also a moral problem of interest

ensure the quality of food materials and ensure food safety

as mentioned earlier, the problem of food safety is not inevitable to achieve key breakthroughs in key basic materials and key common technologies, but the key to the problem is how to avoid starting to focus on buyers and developing into a trading platform. I believe that ensuring the quality of food materials is the basic goal of the canteen for diners. For the ingredients used in the canteen, common ones include fruits and vegetables, fish, dairy products, seasonings, etc. Including the deterioration of food materials mentioned in, common food material problems mainly involve pesticide residues, microorganisms and bacteria exceeding the standard, heavy metal pollutants exceeding the standard, etc

pesticide residues mainly appear in fruits and vegetables and other food materials. Due to the variety and complexity of pesticides, pesticide detection has certain requirements for the detection scope and qualitative and quantitative analysis ability of the instrument. Generally speaking, the methods used for pesticide detection include enzyme inhibition (rate) method (spectrophotometry), detection card method, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, etc. Among them, GC-MS is the commonly used pesticide analysis method in the laboratory. With the strong separation ability of chromatography and the unique identification ability of mass spectrometry for unknown compounds, GC-MS can not only detect pesticides, but also take into account the detection speed, sensitivity and result accuracy

heavy metal pollution is a kind of food pollution that involves a wide range at present. There are also some differences in sample preparation methods according to different types of food, but generally speaking, atomic fluorescence photometer is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of heavy metal pollutants in samples

of course, there are many indicators for food detection, and the instruments used are also different. For example, the composition detection of seasoning requires liquid chromatography. However, no matter what instrument is used to solve the problem of food safety measuring point equipment, the key is to ensure the quality of food materials

the production environment sanitation supervision is responsible for the health of students

the emergence of food problems is also largely caused by the unsanitary production environment. A negative university canteen should always pay attention to the sanitary environment in the process of tableware cleaning, food ingredients, and meal distribution. I believe that monitoring instruments should be equipped in the production and cleaning workshop of University canteens, so that students, teachers and relevant personnel can clearly see their own C. where and how the food to be eaten comes from when the hydraulic system leaks oil or the oil return valve is not tightly closed, so that public supervision can become a sharp weapon to ensure food safety

moral problems are the key to food safety problems

it is not just the problem of College canteens mentioned above. In fact, looking at several major food safety accidents in recent years, it is not difficult to see that the reason for the incident is that the relevant personnel are greedy for profits. Melamine to sodium cyclamate were abused, so that spoiled ingredients were directly used later. Undoubtedly, their behavior was to take chances and save necessary expenses. However, killing the goose that lays the golden egg will eventually decide the future. When the food problem rises to the moral level, the day when the victims know the truth, the originator will only become a street mouse. I think that the proper use of instruments to ensure food safety is the attitude that college canteens should have, and don't let food safety become a moral issue

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