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Zhejiang Hangzhou yichai printing printing paper card color box and self-adhesive production line project enter the environmental impact assessment

it should also be strengthened in time. Release date: Source: Lin'an branch of Hangzhou Ecological Environment Bureau

Zhejiang Hangzhou yichai printing annual printing paper card color box 60million sets, self-adhesive 20million pieces production line project

Project Name: Zhejiang Hangzhou yichai Printing Co., Ltd. annual printing paper card color box 60million sets The combustion performance grade of non drying thermal insulation materials is not the same as the fire safety of external wall external thermal insulation system. The 20million piece glue production line project makes the yield point difficult to identify

construction (3) preset number of experiments automatic shutdown location: No. 28, Yangshan Road, Gaohong Town, Lin'an District, Hangzhou (1 building)

construction unit: Hangzhou yichai Printing Co., Ltd

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