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Dongyang, Zhejiang: the expert team "inquires" about intelligent manufacturing

"through intelligent transformation, realize the production of products from rough to finished products", "use information technology to accurately control production costs"... On the afternoon of the 22nd, Dongyang Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology held this year's first intelligent manufacturing diagnosis and design enterprise service docking meeting. Experts from the fields of intelligent manufacturing diagnosis and industrial design in Jinhua City, through vivid case analysis, Introduce relevant contents of intelligent manufacturing and industrial design to entrepreneurs present

intelligent manufacturing diagnosis and industrial design are important ways to realize the high-end development of manufacturing industry, and also the internal requirements to accelerate the progress of intelligent manufacturing technology. At present, compared with the requirements of high-quality development, Dongyang manufacturing enterprises have some problems, such as weak core competitiveness, low industrial level, intelligent manufacturing water with overload automatic protection shutdown, up and down travel limit protection shutdown, leakage automatic power-off protection and so on, which need to be further promoted and improved

according to the requirements of the province and Jinhua City to carry out intelligent manufacturing consulting diagnosis and industrial design enterprise service, Dongyang economic and Information Technology Bureau benchmarked the advanced level of the industry, combined with the actual situation of Dongyang City, focused on the leading industry to take the lead in carrying out consulting diagnosis and industrial design enterprise service. This docking meeting set up an interactive exchange session. The participating entrepreneurs actively spoke and asked questions about the difficulties and pain points encountered in the development of their own enterprises, which can not only solve their own enterprise development problems, but also provide reference for other enterprises

it is understood that Dongyang will gradually carry out consultation and diagnosis and industrial design services in the whole industry of the city on the basis of the promotion and implementation of key industries, and strive to achieve the full coverage of Chinese plastic machine enterprises in the emerging market of extruders and small and medium-sized enterprises in the block economy through 3-5 years of efforts, The manufacturer will wear protective equipment and comply with the bid inviter's construction site management regulations during work to help develop industrial economy and high quality

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