From the perspective of anti-static products, the

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From the perspective of anti-static products, American all environment electrostatic prevention and control technology

from the perspective of anti-static products, American all environment electrostatic prevention and control technology

American pulse spectrum technology has a company that has set up an office in China and has become the exclusive agent dealer of ACL company in China, specializing in selling Staticide series of anti-static products. In recent years, it has provided the most advanced technical means and protective products for many domestic enterprises and institutions, which has played a great role in improving the level of electrostatic prevention and control technology in China. It is believed that it will promote the anti microbial and antibacterial properties to be paid more and more attention, and the electrostatic prevention and control work in China will reach a new level

1 common electrostatic prevention and control technology

in many industrial departments such as petroleum, chemistry, textile, printing, munitions, weapons and electronics, accidents such as combustion, explosion, poor product quality or shutdown caused directly or indirectly by static electricity occur from time to time in the production process. This is because many materials used in production inevitably generate electrostatic charges in the process of friction and separation, Most of them belong to resistivity higher than 1010 (· cm electrostatic insulator can't automatically derive charge, so it is easy to accumulate and produce high electrostatic potential, and the accumulated electrostatic energy will be large. 2. Automatic calibration is far more than the minimum electrostatic ignition energy of gasoline of 0.21mj and the minimum electrostatic ignition energy of black powder of 0.19mj.

countries in the world have paid more and more attention to the safety technology of electrostatic prevention and control. Governments and enterprises attach importance to it, research work continues to deepen, and gradually take a series of actions It is an effective measure to try our best to eliminate the harm of static electricity. The commonly used prevention and control methods can be summarized into the following three categories:

1.1 suppression method

people have recognized that the generation of static electricity is a natural phenomenon, which cannot be completely controlled, and they can only try to suppress the accumulation of static charges. For example, the transmission speed of logistics and the operation speed of personnel should be limited, and the equipment and transmission pipelines should be smooth, straight and round as much as possible to avoid inflection points and corners, so as to reduce collision and friction and reduce discharge

1.2 dredging method

directs the generated electrostatic charge to the earth for discharge. Such as grounding all conductors to increase the air humidity in the workplace, laying static conductive materials on the workbench and the ground, and operators wearing static conductive clothing, static conductive bracelets and other measures

1.3 neutralization method

that is, neutralize the static charge in place on the object or place where the static charge is generated, reduce the electrostatic potential and eliminate the harm. For example, inductive eliminators, high-voltage electrostatic eliminators and ionic wind eliminators are used

after long-term application and testing, the above methods have proved to have achieved certain results in preventing local static electricity

2 modern electrostatic prevention and control technology

people finally realize that the above electrostatic prevention and control methods are local prevention and control technology and passive. Because static electricity exists everywhere, its harm is impossible to prevent, and it is inevitable that there are areas that are not protected by prevention and control measures. Therefore, people are trying to find new methods of active electrostatic prevention and control

researchers from ACL company in the United States took the lead in breaking through traditional concepts, establishing new concepts, and conquering new technologies for multi-directional and all environmental electrostatic prevention and control. They focus on the whole space of the working area that may generate static electricity, without considering the single component or working surface that has static electricity. Its core is to eliminate the possibility of electrostatic accumulation of all materials, equipment and personnel in the whole environment due to flow and friction in each production link and the overall process. Under the guidance of this new concept, the following key technologies have been gradually solved

(1) in a relatively closed house space, corresponding measures should be taken for its walls, doors and windows, floor and ceiling to make it have good electrostatic conductivity

(2) personnel working in this environment should adopt comprehensive anti-static protection to keep the electrostatic potential of human body to a minimum

(3) carry out surface treatment on all objects in the room, effectively change the surface impedance of various materials, only produce a small amount of static electricity when being rubbed, or make the generated static charges unable to gather

(4) increase the electrostatic conductivity coefficient of the air in the room, or only take measures unrelated to the air humidity, and do not take measures that the treatment effect changes with the humidity

(5) the effect of the measures used can be quickly detected and displayed in real time, making people feel that there is no electrostatic hazard in the environment, so as to work wholeheartedly

3 modern electrostatic prevention and control series products

in recent years, ACL company has developed the following new electrostatic prevention and control products, which are described below

(1) 4000-1 anti-static floor coating, synthesized from special materials, is used as a coating for walls, ceilings and floors, and has anti-skid function. It is suitable for high-tech environments such as hospital operating rooms, industrial automation control rooms, computer rooms and electronic product production lines

(2) 4010-1 anti-static floor paint agent, low foam, does not contain ammonia, does not damage the floor, and is effective in both soft and hard water. Its function is to remove the floor wax that does not conduct static electricity, so as to facilitate the use of anti-static floor paint

(3) 4020-1 anti-static detergent is biological attenuation, free of sulfide, nickel and other metals, low foam, non combustible, non corrosive, no trace after use, suitable for all equipment and facilities that need to eliminate static electricity

(4) 2003 type antistatic agent is suitable for spraying electronic instruments, equipment, electronic component assembly lines and packaging boxes to eliminate static electricity. It can also eliminate computer faults and solve the problem of sticking and jamming of copy paper and printing paper. It can also eliminate dust collection and sterilization on the surface of objects

(5) 5001 ultra clean environmental electrostatic remover, a new high-tech formula, non combustible, non-toxic, non polluting, non heavy metal ions, in line with the 100 grade ultra clean standard. It is suitable for spraying the ground, equipment, tools, clothes, etc. in an ultra clean environment to prevent static electricity

(6) 7001 type electrostatic skin care cream is suitable for workers to apply it on their faces and hands. It can not only reduce contact resistance, but also protect the skin, and can achieve the dual purposes of electrostatic prevention and skin care

the action mechanism of the above products is: form a layer of impedance of 106 ~ 109 on the treated surface (it makes it difficult for electrostatic charges to accumulate to a high potential. They do not rely on hydrophilicity, and the change of air humidity will not affect their electrostatic prevention performance.

in addition, ACL company has also developed 375 pocket impedance meter and 600 electrostatic meter. The former can measure both the surface impedance of objects and the grounding impedance. The latter can detect the performance of anti-static products, and can also be installed at the entrance of anti-static protection zone to prevent entry Personnel implement monitoring and inspection

4 conclusion

modern electrostatic prevention and control series products have a wide range of applications. After being used in any place or component that generates static electricity, it can reduce its surface impedance and eliminate static electricity. They are non-toxic, corrosion-free, pollution-free, easy to use, with an action time of several months to a year and a half, and the sealed products will not fail for a long time

this series of products have excellent performance and reliable quality, and meet the standard code-56a of the American Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Fortunately, the electrostatic potential can be attenuated from 5000v to 500V within 0.05s. It also meets the American military standard mil-b-81705b, that is, the electrostatic potential can be attenuated from 5000v to zero within 2S. Among the manufacturers of the same type, ACL company is the only one that has obtained the international quality ISO-9002 certification, and has a high reputation for sound through various signal processing

detection and treatment of dust in Beneficiation workshop of Lianhuashan copper mine

abstract the dust detection in Beneficiation workshop is introduced. According to the problems found in the inspection, the treatment measures for the on-site dust were put forward and the transformation was carried out. After the transformation, the on-site situation was improved

Lianhuashan beneficiation workshop is composed of raw material silo, crushing section, crushing section, mixing section and conveyor belt. In November, 1997, we tested the dust in the beneficiation workshop, including the No. 1 conveyor belt section (where there are workers), crusher section and crusher section

1 inspection method

productive dust is detected by fc-a-iii double flow dust sampler according to the method specified in the national standard [classification of hazards of productive dust operations] (gb5817-86)

2 test results

the beneficiation workshop is simple, the window glass is incomplete, the whole workshop has no mechanical ventilation facilities and local dust removal facilities, and the equipment itself has serious leakage. The workers on duty wore filter type dust masks and did not carry out wet work. The concentration of dust free SiO2 in the beneficiation workshop is 39%, and the workers' net working day lung ventilation is 4000 liters/working day

2.1 the test results are shown in Table 1 when there is strong wind outdoors

2.2 when there is no wind outside, the test results are shown in Table 2

Table 1

see the following table

Table 2

see the following table

from the test results, it can be seen that the dust hazard of the workshop has a great impact on the outdoor environment (wind), and the dust concentration in the two environments differs by more than 10 times

3 treatment measures

(1) the airtightness of the workshop should be improved as soon as possible, and the windows and glasses should be repaired. At the same time, the mechanical ventilation facilities of the whole workshop should be strengthened, and axial-flow exhaust fans should be installed at appropriate positions on the windows on both sides to reduce the dust drift in the workshop

(2) on the premise of no impact and damage to production and materials, the workshop should strengthen wet operation, which will reduce dust hazards to a certain extent

(3) local dust removal facilities should be set at the crushing section and crushing section, and they should be operated effectively

(4) the distance between the discharge port of jaw crusher and the conveyor belt should be reduced, which is now over the past meter. The material drop should be reduced to reduce dust flying

(5) the inlet and outlet of jaw crusher should be equipped with closed cover and spray sprinkler facilities, and the dust removal equipment should be installed in the roof of the crusher room, so that the collected dust can be directly recycled to the conveyor belt

(6) the conveyor belt should be sealed as a whole, or the receiving point and unloading point should be sealed locally, and the middle should be equipped with a lifting and guiding sealing cover or a fixed sealing cover, so as to reduce the dust emission

comprehensive treatment and utilization of fly ash in TISCO power plant

Abstract This paper introduces the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, which has achieved good results in reducing the pollution of pond fly ash to the environment

key words: comprehensive utilization effect of fly ash

the self owned power plant of Taiyuan Iron and steel company generates more than 10000 kW per hour, and 300000 t of fly ash per year. It has taken nearly 20 years of comprehensive treatment and utilization since the early 1980s. During this period, it has received environmental protection investment from the Taiyuan municipal government of Shanxi Province for three times, about 30 million yuan, and finally formed a unique set of self-designed and constructed environmental protection facilities. Now the treated fly ash is used in highway construction and self-made industrial building materials. The treatment capacity reaches 90% of the discharged fly ash, 600t of water is recovered per hour, and the annual waste transportation cost is reduced by about 4million yuan. The pollution of fly ash to the environment of Taiyuan city and the water body of Fenhe River has been eliminated, and remarkable results have been achieved. Its specific practice includes the following aspects

1 actively strive for environmental protection investment and gradually improve treatment facilities

around 1981, the furnace ash and soot ash of the power plant were discharged into the Fenhe River at the same time, causing difficulties in the treatment of fly ash. The government fined TISCO 190000 yuan per month. Therefore, TISCO took the measure of diverting the ash water within a time limit for the treatment of fly ash pollution

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