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The Ministry of industry and information technology will issue policies to regulate methanol gasoline

An Investigation on whether methanol can enter vehicle fuel on a large scale is being carried out in an all-round way

in the middle and late April, officials from four departments and bureaus, including the Department of energy conservation of the Ministry of industry and information technology (hereinafter referred to as the "Ministry of industry and information technology"), formed an investigation team and went to Shanxi and Shaanxi to conduct a special investigation on methanol gasoline. At the same time, entrusted by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Beijing University of technology is also stepping up the comparative test of formaldehyde emissions from methanol vehicles

"this is the first time that the government department has tested the aldehydes of methanol vehicles. The results are strictly confidential and only responsible to the Ministry of industry and information technology." A person close to the Ministry of industry and information technology said that the Ministry of industry and information technology hopes to clarify whether methanol fuel is more economical and environmentally friendly than gasoline

if there is no accident, the above two research results will be reported to the Ministry of industry and information technology in the middle of 2010. The research results will directly determine the prospect of methanol gasoline promotion

market chaos

at the end of the last century, the state included the development of ethanol gasoline as a measure to alleviate the supply of domestic refined oil. But the production of ethanol gasoline requires a lot of food. In recent years, methanol gasoline has gradually become popular

methanol, also known as "xylol" or "Xylin", is a chemical raw material for the production of formaldehyde, and can also be used as a solvent and fuel. Methanol combustion releases carbon dioxide and water, which is regarded as one of the clean fuels to replace oil. However, it is among the dangerous chemicals, toxic and corrosive

in the second half of 2004, the market in Shanxi Province may weaken in the later stage, and the pilot of methanol gasoline will be promoted in the province. The oil enterprises in the pilot area blended methanol into No. 93 gasoline for sale. According to an insider in the petrochemical industry in Shanxi Province, the annual sales of methanol gasoline in Shanxi is more than 200000 tons, mainly sold by Sinopec Shanxi company

according to the current market situation, the national supply price of gasoline is 7420 yuan per ton and methanol is about 2200 yuan per ton, with a difference of more than 5000 yuan. Driven by huge profits, chaos in the methanol market seems inevitable

in the interview, it was found that a large number of gas stations in Shanxi province did not clearly mark M15 (the label of methanol gasoline), and many consumers did not know that the oil they bought contained methanol when buying No. 93 gasoline, let alone the proportion of methanol added

"according to our calculation, the replacement ratio of 100% methanol fuel to gasoline is 1:1.6. Generally speaking, 1.6 liters of methanol is required for a liter of gasoline, that is, the price of methanol is multiplied by 1.6. According to this calculation, the profit space of methanol directly added to gasoline is very large." Ma Liang, Secretary General of the national alcohol ether fuel and alcohol ether clean vehicle professional committee, told

Liu Youdan, head of Sinopec Shanxi Yuncheng company, refused to disclose the exact addition proportion on the grounds of "enterprise business secrets". Whether the No. 93 gasoline sold in the gas station without "M15" contains methanol gasoline has been a hot topic in the research of biological functional materials in recent years, and whether methanol is also added to the No. 97 gasoline, people from Sinopec Yuncheng company are even more secretive

the person in charge of a gas station in Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, said that at present, methanol is added to No. 93 gasoline for sale in Shanxi, and many of the addition ratios exceed 20%. Generally, it starts when the temperature rises in early summer and ends when the temperature decreases in late autumn. "I dare not add methanol in winter. The ignition point of methanol is low, and the car cannot start when the temperature is low."

at the same time, if the detergent in methanol gasoline is not added as required, or the vehicle without modification or cleaning is unknowingly added with No. 93 gasoline containing methanol, it may lead to the increase of vehicle faults, especially the blockage of oil pumps and fuel injectors, filtration, coil corrosion and other problems

fanjunjie, after-sales manager of Shanxi Tongda service station, told that methanol is highly corrosive, and the oil system of ordinary cars is not made of corrosion-resistant materials, so it is easy to go wrong. After using methanol gasoline, the engine life of the car is significantly shortened

however, there is nothing local regulators can do about such problems. Lian Shunsheng, director of the Inspection Branch of Yuncheng Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision in Shanxi Province, said that it was indeed common for gas stations to add methanol to No. 93 gasoline, but the specific addition ratio could not be supervised by the Quality Supervision Bureau, and there was no relevant equipment in the province to detect it

doubts about standards

due to the cautious consideration of environmental protection and safety, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of environmental protection and other countries have never issued clear policies and measures to promote methanol fuel. In 2009, the National Standards Commission published the standard of methanol for vehicle fuel. This standard stipulates various indicators of methanol that can be mixed with gasoline, but it is only a recommended standard rather than the national standard of methanol gasoline, and cannot exert a mandatory effect on the wide promotion of methanol fuel

"the toxicity and harmfulness of methanol have been artificially exaggerated. As long as it is used in a standardized way, there will be no problems." Ma Liang told that the main problem with the promotion of methanol fuel is that the government has never given a clear opinion. "It's not clear because there are great disputes, the most important of which is the harm of beam clamping and lifting in the operation of exhaust emission."

the existing test data have proved that methanol fuel is significantly better than gasoline in terms of conventional emissions such as nitrogen, oxygen and hydrocarbon indicators, but there are great differences of opinion in the industry on unconventional emissions

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