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Ministry of industry and information technology: no new steel plants will be built within three years. At the press conference held by the state information office on August 13, Li Yizhong, Minister of industry and information technology, said that the Ministry of industry and information technology, together with 12 ministries and commissions such as the national development and Reform Commission, was preparing documents for the State Council on promoting the merger and reorganization of the steel industry and eliminating backward production capacity

"we are drafting the guidance on the merger of the steel industry and the reorganization of cement pressure testing machine, which is one of the main instruments and equipment in the laboratory of cement enterprises. The excess capacity of steel is the most obvious. In the technological transformation that the Ministry of industry and information technology can decide, the steel projects that simply expand capacity are resolutely not approved, and no new projects should be built within three years." Li Yizhong said

while the Ministry of industry and information technology stopped approving new steel projects, it also required all regions to shut down small steel enterprises through mergers and acquisitions of steel enterprises

at present, the national steel output has reached 660 million tons, and Hebei Province alone has more than 120 million tons. As a major steel producing province, Hebei will first "slim down". It is reported that Hebei Province will reduce its steel output from 120 million tons to 80million tons in two to three years

the Ministry of industry and information technology also mentioned in the report that the industrial economy showed a trend of stabilization and recovery in the first half of the year, but overcapacity, low growth quality and extensive business mode are still deep-seated contradictions that affect the steady and rapid development of industry

12 ministries and commissions work together

in recent years, there has been a wave of mergers of steel enterprises in Shandong, Hebei and other places. Steel mills that completed the integration in the early stage, whether in the form of reorganization or merger, are often thunder and rain

On the same day, Li Yizhong said that enterprise merger and reorganization involves assets, debts, creditor's rights, employee arrangements, land issues, as well as cross regional tax issues, so it is a systematic project. This work involves 12 ministries and commissions, which must rely on the concerted efforts of all ministries and commissions

in addition, in terms of eliminating backward production capacity, Li 2 and the experimental machine are high-precision instruments. Yi Zhong said that in terms of energy conservation, environmental protection, quality, safety production, scientific and technological progress, the threshold of market access should be further revised, and a "suitable and high standard" market access threshold is needed

it was learned that the elimination of backward production capacity in the second half of the year will be implemented, especially in eight key industries. There are targets and tasks, which will be distributed to all provinces and cities and implemented at the grass-roots level. The mature methods of local governments in eliminating backward production capacity should be summarized and popularized

at the press conference, Li Yizhong also said that the key work in the second half of the year should establish and improve the encouragement and restraint mechanism for energy conservation and emission reduction, encourage those who do well in key projects and have good energy conservation effects, and urge and criticize those that have not been completed

"the Ministry of industry and information technology can not use too many means in this regard. We are discussing with the Ministry of Finance and the national development and Reform Commission. In some policies mastered by the original national development and Reform Commission, with the transfer of functions, the Ministry of industry and information technology can be given some means in this regard, so that our work can receive better results." Li Yizhong said

According to the information provided by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the raw material industry and equipment manufacturing industry were the most directly driven by investment in the main sectors of industry this month, of which the added value of the raw material industry increased by 7.8% year-on-year and 13% in a single month in July

"the overcapacity of steel is the most obvious. At present, China's steel production capacity is 660 million tons, the demand is 470 million tons, and the surplus is 190 million tons. At the same time, there are 58 million tons under construction. If this goes on, China's steel industry will have no way out." Li Yizhong said

4trillion investment expedites the expansion of enterprises' production. Driven by large projects that have achieved a virtuous cycle of resource utilization everywhere, the ex factory price of wire rod products such as rebar is not only higher than the market price, but also higher than the plate made of timber ships and automobiles

"in this case, due to the investment pull and the increase of construction steel, the price of wire rod is higher than that of plate, which is an abnormal phenomenon." After the press conference on the same day, Li Yizhong was surrounded and admitted that there were various "upside down" phenomena in the current steel market

for the current rapid growth of the steel market, the Ministry of industry and information technology said that in addition to enterprise mergers and acquisitions, it would resolutely eliminate backward production capacity. According to the 11th five year plan, 100 million tons of iron making capacity is backward, and 50million tons of steel-making capacity. Now the progress of eliminating this part of capacity is in progress

in addition, new projects should not be built. In the technological transformation set by the Ministry of industry and information technology, steel projects that simply expand capacity should not be approved. "The production capacity of iron and steel enterprises has been excessively released. Under the current situation, no matter how good the steel plant is, it can be delayed for twoorthree years." Li Yizhong told

some analysts believe that the long-term stalemate between CISA and iron ore suppliers is related to the complex structure of domestic steel enterprises

"there are more than 700 domestic steel enterprises and 112 enterprises with imported iron ore qualifications. If everyone goes out in disorder to talk with three suppliers in the world, China will suffer. We have a certain say in the negotiation, but it is not enough." Li Yizhong said

for the current iron ore negotiations, Li Yizhong said that he would support China Steel Association and Minmetals manufacturers to negotiate externally, reduce internal disorder and disorderly competition between them, and raise the price of high-speed iron ore

"my steel" senior analyst xuxiangchun said in an interview with this newspaper that China's steel industry should increase production. Zhao Ming, the company's deputy general manager, told that industry concentration was imminent, and the passive situation in negotiations with international iron ore giants also required to speed up industry concentration and enhance the voice of big steel countries

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