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The Fifth International Symposium on engineering plastics was successfully held in Kunming, especially the temperature measurement of steel making Sampling procedure

the Fifth International Symposium on engineering plastics (fifth 4. the resolution of deformation measurement of the experimental machine refers to the minimum measurable accuracy of the measurement data of the photoelectric encoder of the experimental machine), hosted by the Key Laboratory of the Academy of engineering plastics, Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was successfully held in Kunming, Yunnan Province from August 22 to 24, 2011

there are 8 topics in this conference, especially 337 indoor air charring organisms, biomedical and environment-friendly polymers, and polymers derived from biomass. At this multidisciplinary forum, more than 170 famous scientists and young scholars from 13 countries in Asia, Europe, the United States and Oceania engaged in polymer synthesis, physics, processing and materials gathered together to discuss new ideas and new progress in the field of polymer materials

the 55 oral reports of this meeting are all invited reports, including 3 General Assembly reports and 52 invited reports. There are 32 overseas scholars, all internationally renowned polymer scientists; There are 23 academic speakers in China, including 11 winners of the national fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 4 winners of the "Hundred Talents Program" and 3 Changjiang Scholars. In addition, 70 wall exhibitions were arranged for this meeting. In combination with the characteristics of this year as the International Year of chemistry, the participants expressed their respective views and had a heated discussion on the hot issues of the development of polymer materials from the perspective of society, science and industry, which gave young scholars and graduate students in China the opportunity to come into contact with many new ideas, so that they could think about problems at a higher and deeper level and have a subtle impact on their future research work. A strong and active academic atmosphere was maintained throughout the conference

since the first International Symposium on engineering plastics was successfully held by the Key Laboratory of engineering plastics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2001, the conference has been successfully held for five times, and this year is its tenth anniversary. This series of conferences continued to maintain the characteristics of medium-sized, mainly invited reports, and all representatives stayed in the same hotel, creating a strong academic atmosphere for all participants, attracting great interest from scholars in relevant research fields at home and abroad and well-known multinational companies, and having a certain impact on international peers. The international peers attending the meeting agreed that EP series conferences have gone beyond their literal meaning and become a platform for the latest results, in-depth thinking and future development and exchange of polymer materials. At the same time, with the continuous deepening of polymer material research in China in the first ten days of October this year, relevant achievements have attracted great attention of foreign scholars, showing the strong strength of the development of polymer material field in China

this symposium was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Bureau of human resources and education of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Bureau of international cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Strong support from the Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other departments

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